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A Youtube Channel for the Aspiring Author

Yes, I’m staring at my laptop screen, watching the cursor blink, not typing anything. My mind is in la-la land, dreaming of the times I’d be able to write a full chapter without breaking my focus to check twitter. Every ding, vibration and blinking light that comes from my phone captures my attention. It’s my excuse to writer’s block or maybe it’s a small break.  A small break, with minor interactions and observations triggering the tiniest inspiration.

No! I’m not sitting doing nothing, waiting for you to ask me a question or to call with something you can text about…

I’m a Writer.

Yes, I don’t work. Sometimes, I never leave my house.  Yes, I wake up at 9 a.m., lay in the bed till’ 11 a.m., thinking of characters and plot lines. I walk around in my t-shirt and panties singing lyrics to songs that affect my soul and inspire the muse inside me.

No! I’m not just sitting at home watching TV and talking on the phone with my boyfriend.  No, I’m not just being a bitch and declining requests to go out for lunch or girl time. I can’t run errands or do favors. What you see as free time is my writing time.

I’m a Writer.

Yes, I’m quiet and often in deep thought. Sometimes I don’t want to be bothered with anyone. I did ignore you the first two times you called my name. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. My answers were short. My voice filled with irritation because you aren’t respecting my passion.

No! I’m not mad at you or acting funny. I don’t have an attitude. I’m not fake because I spoke to you yesterday without a smile. I’m not ending our friendship or tired of you. Sometimes I tune out the world. That includes you too. I should probably apologize to you… it’s just I can’t. I can’t apologize for what I am.

 I’m a Writer.

Yes, I didn’t text you throughout the entire day. I probably won’t call tonight because my brain is tired. My eyes hurt and can barely stay open. My fingers are cramping. I’m drained. My head hurts. The hours in a day aren’t enough. I’m pulled in every direction. I’m trying my best to accommodate everyone. More importantly, I accommodate you.

No! I haven’t been texting anybody else all day. I’m not expecting a booty call. Our relationship is very important it’s just sometimes I get lost in my thoughts. The demands of my creativity sometimes silence the desires of my heart. Maybe writing is competing for a spot. I promise it won’t take over completely. You will always have a comfortable spot there. It’s just writing is slowly moving in. So please make a little room.

I’m a Writer. 

Be on the lookout for information related to my upcoming YouTube channel, I’m Not a Bitch. I’m a Writer!