What’s After The Eye of the Panther ?

As the release date for The Eye of the Panther approaches, I’ve began working on other projects. Although The Eye of the Panther is a series, I want to take a step back from it. It’s been my life for the last two years and I want to sprinkle my creativity in other places. It’s my goal to not just be known for The Eye of the Panther, but many things. Here are few!

Writing a Fantasy Series

Don’t get too excited yet. This is actually in the brainstorming stages and will take a lot of research. Let me tell you how much research it will take… I had to sign up for an Astronomy class. I don’t want to give too much information away because people will steal your ideas. Just know this fantasy series is similar to The Game of Thrones, but all the characters are black.

Teaching Creative Writing Class to Teen Girls

I don’t allow people to add an -ist to any word to describe me because I’m not into labels. I do want to start back giving to the community, but I don’t want to ride the wave of activism and feminism that is occurring now. I’ve decided that talking and teaching the youth is probably the best route for me. The classes will help young women to develop self-esteem and an identity through writing and reciting their projects out loud. More details are coming soon!

Drafting a TV show

Originally, this was supposed to be a book. After the initial brainstorm, I determined it should be a series. Between The Eye of the Panther series and the fantasy series, I can’t do it. I’d rather break it down into a script. Now the tricky part is, I’m not a screen writer lol. But it’s going to happen. Mark my words!

Starting a YouTube channel with a second website

People come to me all the time asking for writing, marketing, and publishing tips. This website and YouTube channel will be dedicated to providing those tips to people who are looking to pursue authorpreneurship. Although I am a young writer myself, I think it’s important to educate people while you are still building instead of as an expert. Experts forget the hard stuff in their early stage, sometimes making it hard to reach their audience efficiently. My goal is to connect with my audience by being real about my hiccups and showing them how to avoid them.

Speaking Engagements

Ugh! If I could go my entire life without speaking in front of crowd, I would. However, that’s not how the world works. Most authors are speakers and they do it pretty damn well. After getting a feel for it earlier this year, I’m not as nervous. Right now, I’m working on developing my speaking platform and I actually have an event with the NAACP in November!

You asked… now you know these are the things that you will see from Cicely Rue, LLC. in the future. If you are looking to work with me or if you know of speaking engagements, contact me here!

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