What You Should Take Away From The Eye of the Panther

It took me a while to find my book idea. I wanted to make sure my first book was interesting, relevant, and fun to write. When the idea for The Eye of the Panther popped in my head, I thought no way. It was a controversial issue I didn’t want to involve myself in. But the ideas just kept coming and I kept writing them down. Now we have an entire book.

Although The Eye of the Panther follows a radical group who uses violence to fight white supremacy, that’s not the only thing I want readers to take away from the novel…..

Activism on any level is crucial. However, not everyone sees it this way. When I scroll through Twitter or Facebook I see people arguing about different philosophies, methods, and intensity of one’s activism. While strong cases are made and I don’t disagree with it all, I find it unnecessary and pointless. Malcolm X said:

“But even the militant African leaders were able to sit down at the same table with African leaders whom they considered to be Toms, or Tshombes, or that type of character. They forgot their differences for the sole purpose of bringing benefits to the whole. And whenever you find people who can’t forget their differences, then they’re more interested in their personal aims and objectives than they are in the conditions of the whole.”Malcolm X

A mind is a terrible thing to waste and an ego is a terrible thing to build in any social movement. Discussions, meetings, rallies, etc. are filled with individuals. Those individuals have lived different experiences. Those different experiences have shaped their opinions and truth. We can all agree that some decisions require a definite stance. However, the movement itself should be filled with remnants of all philosophies because we’re a diverse bunch. To insinuate that everyone is going to agree every single time is to insinuate that we lack creativity and the ability to form independent thoughts.

Now I know the people who love to disagree with others and create conflict will scream, “But what if the ideas are stupid?” or they will go to the extreme, “So, are we supposed to agree with pedophiles?” No, because that’s against the law. I’m just saying I believe personal feelings and beliefs should not get in the way when it comes to securing rights for anyone within the black community. Even if you don’t agree with a person’s lifestyle or opinions, you should not try to belittle them or exclude them from the movement.

There is also the idea that some issues are more important than others. That mindset is dangerous. Once gain we are a talented bunch with intricate minds. We, as a collective, can focus on multiple issues. Not every person within the black community have to focus on EVERY issue. People will focus on what’s important to them and what they believe is the most detrimental. More than likely, it reflects their personal experience. So, allow people to work hard for what they want to change or improve. You focus on what you want to change and improve. There is enough of us for the issues, we just have to determine what is important to us individually and find a way to do work. Forcing people to fight for things they don’t care about will cause negative effects.

Overall, when people read The Eye of the Panther I want them to know they can be who they want and that everyone has a role in the fight against white supremacy. I want to encourage individuals to utilize their talents and strengths to inspire, influence, and help to improve things within the black community.

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