The Eye of the Panther’s Bangin’ Book Bundle


You can only be ready for the Soul of the Panther if you read the first book, The Eye of the Panther. So, kill two birds with one stone and order The Eye of the Panther Book Bundle today! Included in the bundle are a signed copy of the first and second book, a sticker with the organization’s logo, and a bookmark. You’ll also receive a handwritten note and a picture of your favorite character from the Founding Order. ALL OF THIS COME IN A CUSTOMIZED EYE OF THE PANTHER DELUXE BOX!

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The Eye of the Panther: Book One

Racial tension is at an all-time high with the recent slaying of unarmed Kendra Mason by a white police officer. In the era of the new civil rights movement, there is one group who dares to use nontraditional methods to fight the oppressor, The Eye of the Panther.

Amare is a multi-millionaire with a childhood memory that still haunts him. Nadia is an ex-military veteran with a violent past and determined vengeance. Sireen is a free-spirited ex-con with a new found purpose. Elysian is a young genius who no longer expects good from life.

Can these four come together to form the most violent revolutionary group in the history of America or will their different philosophies defeat them before the revolution begins?

The Soul of the Panther: Book Two

In book two of The Eye of the Panther series, your favorite characters return in this epic tale. Amare Kent, Nadia Clemmons, Sireen Lucas, Elysian Hamilton, and Nova Smith are back with their new recruits and new missions to continue the fight against white supremacy

One of the first fictional novels to depict a militant African American group in an era of respectability politics, The Eye of the Panther is unlike any black civil rights organization. An activist group determined to eradicate white supremacy by any means necessary; they refuse to politely ask for the rights which are bestowed upon them at birth. Employing radical tactics instead of the normal non-violent tactics used by their predecessors, The Eye of the Panther will get what’s theirs without any mercy.

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