How Writing Defines this Dramatic, People Watch, Party Poopin, Party girl.

Please don’t tell my anyone I’m saying this, but I’m dramatic. I’m talking if I took acting classes for a year, I’d record an Oscar winning movie the next year. I’m just a natural at it. Beyond my cold and unbothered persona, I’m animated and sometimes over the top. I can make a room fall out in laughter or cringe with embarrassment. When I’m not running circles inside my own mind or observing my atmosphere, I can be the life of the party.” That’s probably the most accurate description I’ve ever created about myself. Each sentence describing me describes my writing.

I’m dramatic…

Any scene or event, I have the ability to extract the smallest detail and make it into so much more. Take The Eye of the Panther for example. I just had the simple idea about a group retaliating against police officers for unjust killings… Now look… I’m turning it into a series.

Beyond my cold and unbothered persona, I’m animated and sometimes over the top.

If you don’t know me, I appear standoffish and nonchalant about most things. I find a corner in a crowded room and occupy the space until someone familiar stumbles upon me. In reality, it’s just me playing with ideas in my head. I’m always thinking about something or trying to find a way to fix a problem. Even if I’m vocalizing my opinions about a subject, I promise I’m just scratching the surface. I accept myself as a multi-dimensional being who has the ability to change my emotions at will and upon my growth.

I can make a room fall out in laughter or cringe with embarrassment.Make a room cringe with embarrassment

I’m not only entertaining, but I don’t have a problem with saying what needs to be said. I don’t care if everyone else too afraid to say it or if it’s not the proper setting. I was raised to say what’s on my mind. And if a person finds themselves embarrassed by a statement, then you probably need to check yourself. I don’t need to check myself, because if I said it I meant it. It won’t change based on your sensitivity but only if I genuinely don’t feel that way.

When I’m not running circles in my own mind or observing the atmosphere, I’m the life of the party.

Before I become acquainted with a new person or a new situation, I have to feel out the atmosphere. It’s the best way to get familiar with a stranger or a strange setting. Why settle for boring and rehearsed small talk when I can watch you from the corner of my eye? As I do so, I’m examining your social cues. It’s fun seeing how people act in a different setting when they think no one is watching them. It gives me a head up on who I should stay away from or keep my eye own. Once my assessment is complete, I’m up for having fun and becoming sociable.

Thanks for tuning in! Take a look around and check out the rest of my awesome website! Don’t forget you can also order my debut book, The Eye of the Panther, here!

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