[May 20th] Book signing in Austin, TX

A revolutionary tale that dispels respectability politics and encourages a generation of fighters

Austin, TX – Cicely Rue will host an Austin book signing for her debut book, The Eye of the Panther, at Monkeywrench Bookstore on May 20, 2017, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. It features a discussion, Q&A, and an opportunity to purchase and have your book signed.

Cicely Rue is proud to share information about The Eye of the Panther with the community of Austin for the first time. In this creative and revolutionary tale, author Cicely Rue conveys a message of rebellion against white supremacy to inspire individuals within the black community to organize and act regardless of different philosophies and lifestyles.

Synopsis: A black revolutionary group determined to eradicate the stench of white supremacy. The Eye of the Panther is unlike any black civil rights organization. Refusing to adhere to respectability politics, they employ radical methods instead of the non-violent tactics used by their predecessors. In their use of untraditional methods, the members of the Founding Order must put their conflicting philosophies aside to achieve their common goal.

What readers are saying so far…

This book! It’s rare I find something that keeps my attention and every page did just that. I mean from the first chapter up until the end! This is one of those “Just trust me. You’re going to love it.” type of books. I love how Cicely made the characters so relatable and real. Definitely a new fan!! Can’t wait for the next book!Amber L

This is a page turner you will want to finish as soon as you begin!Justine Floyd

Cicely Rue is a firm believer “Before every revolution there is a spark in the arts that prompts the evitable.” Unwilling to censor her artistry to appeal to the politics of respectability and non-violence, The Eye of the Panther reflects the pain, brutality, and disenfranchisement the black community has experienced at the hands of white supremacy. It’s a fictional warning that foreshadows what can potentially happen if Black Americans continue to be oppressed. She currently lives in Dallas, TX. You can learn more about her and The Eye of the Panther here.

The Author, The Eye of the Panther
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